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The beauty sector has been turned up side down with new consuming codes. Encouraged by women, this change was lead by the new concept of “slow”. Indeed, if all consumers’ lifestyle has been transformed, it has impulsed a new innovation era for cosmetics driven by a true wish of “healthy” and “simple” distinction.

More than a re-investment of the “naturalness” territory, we observe an absolute awareness In & Out. Skin has been reconsidered, no longer as a surface, but as a living organ. Consequently, apprehensions have been growing up to complex, synthetic or chemist formulations.

In this way, the beauty industry seems disposed to re-invest more carefully the aspiration of a “living naturalness”. Building up short formula, the sector is now taking advantage of key ingredients directly extracted from nature and its active attributes.

It is the accession event of beauty oils (vegetal or essential), beauty tones, and more recently, beauty water.

// A symbolic essence, universal and global //

Water has been more and more appreciated in cosmetics, because of its beneficial active properties spontaneously very present and settled in women’s minds. If drinking water is today a basic healthy routine, water is also instantly associated to several key benefits:

-       It is the origin of life and vital for living elements; it is the essential food

-       It is a purification and absolution symbolic ritual (religion); it’s cleaning as much as purifying

-       It is a regenerating and curing lever (ancestral traditions, thermal bath, source and sea water); and represents the exact concept of active global care and curative.


As a result, with good deeds in a direct resonance with the skincare sector and an aura in connexion with the expectations, water is currently materialising its preciousness and opportunities.


// From active water to biomimicry intelligence //

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Water, as a star ingredient for evocation is a perspective that has being moving forward and started penetrating the beauty market.

Some actors have decisively put water into their brand DNA such as Biotherm, which gets its products’ innovations from the ocean. That’s why, water is at the emblematic skincare products’ launches origin: « AquaSource » (moisturising gel), « Skin Energetic » (Fresh cosmetic) and the latest « Blue Therapy » (anti-aging). Considering this resurgence of interest, brands are currently aligning their innovations to meet this new demand and consumers’ expectations. By celebrating water efficiency, brands are also bringing into line appropriate semantic between global care and curative action. This is the case of Hervé Herau with « Water Care », Codage with « Eau Micellaire Purifiante », Cherrot with « Eau Micellaire Pureté », Sisley with « Eau Efficace », asian brands around its “active” and “activating” potential like « Jeju Water Sleeping Mask » by Ciracle, « Water Sleeping » by LaNeige, « Water-Full Mask » by Dr Jart+.


However, trends are bringing a much more sophisticated vision around water. Indeed, some small market brands are now proposing a perception of water as a living and smart ingredient in a complete harmony with skin natural biomimicry processes.

In 2010, Issey Miyaké launched “water from Kirishima”, an earth water extracted from a thermal source in Japan, which was very precursor of a new movement claiming spiritual value of water on care (In & Out renewal). Indeed, this water was filled up with telluric energies revitalizing and reinforcing skin elasticity as well as its natural metabolism. Taking over this consideration, new brand and new products have been announcing the ascension of an almost “holistic biology”.

It is the case for Ahava, ObeyYourBody, O2Mer, Skin Food with « deepsea water emulsion » or Ocean Marine creams, and also the Esthederm range « self-cellular revitalizing ». This tendency seems to put water into a more global dimension, the one of biologic memory, leading by an intuitive and active process.


// To a new “beauty gesture” and hybrid segmentation //

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Supported by this renewal, water constantly evolved and still shows many different faces. After “living essence” ingredient, the short formula of “steam water” gets her talked about.

Indeed, in the manner of floral water or hydrolat, water is now used as is, and flirts between healthy and beauty care. A new way of conceiving naturalness, where form and core are combined to create a new sensory perception. As a transformation of lotions into something more modern, water is the new base and/or completion. It is the mist “care” advent in Europe: « Eau Sensorielle » by Lierac, « Eau de beauté » by Caudalie, « l’Antioxydant Hydramist » by Dermologica and « Brume Hydratante » by Alpha H. It is also the boom in Asia: Tony Moly « Aqua Aura Water Mist », Skin Food « Facial Water Vita-A/Vita-B/Vita-C », TooCoolForScholl « Vitamin Water Mist ».

Used this way, mists are becoming a “daily water” introducing a new gesture: hybrid, simple, quick, efficient as a perfect response to our modern rhythm of life, and mixing our healthy and beauty expectations.



In the hyper naturalness era, by being an active ingredient or a daily protector, water has becoming the lifeblood of skincare, getting promoted and earning market share. What happens next would probably be a domestication of water for the make up sector service. This one already started surfing on this trend. Make up sector seems especially inspired by this new beauty routine, offered by steam water. In a matter of fact, steam water is very suitable for BB cream formula in Asia and fixing formula within the professional make up segment (Bobbi Brown, MAC).

Water as a new part of care; radiance and tailored made is upcoming for sure.



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